A Day at the Beaches

Where people who live on the beach go.
East Beaches a.k.a Best Beaches

Rather than actually do any work today, I decided to take a 2 hour bike ride along the beach. Now, I’m a West End girl for life (Parkdale born and raised) but I made the huge mistake of moving out to the Beaches this past February, and now I just have to deal with it.

There are perks, like having a gorgeous beach directly outside my apartment door, easy bike access to downtown, and it’s really quiet and calm for most of the year.

The downside is that as soon as it’s warm, there are HORDES of people literally on my back step. They party all day & night, and then leave their litter EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, bitching and moaning aside, I thought I would show some of the more gorgeous parts of the Beaches. (Not including the multi-million dollar houses)

Ashbridge's Bay Yacht Club
A sailboat leaving the harbour at the Yacht Club.

If you hop on your bike and start taking some of the trails west of Ashbridge’s, you can find some unbelievable peace and gorgeous scenery. It’s all about finding the little trails that seem to lead nowhere, but those are the trails that can lead to a small out-cropping of rock, or a half-abandoned picnic bench. From there you get a perspective on the city that you often miss. Naturally I didn’t take any decent photos while I was out getting this fresh perspective, because of course not.

A little trail that leads off the main path.
A little trail that leads off the main path.

If you go further east along the boardwalk, past the Balmy Beach club, past the boardwalk, even past the off-leash dog park, you get to the really special part of the Beaches. That is where so many of the Beaches locals go to swim & sunbathe. It’s quieter, there are so few people around, and they don’t need to worry about restrooms etc, as it’s a quick jump to their houses.

But my absolute favourite part of the beach?

BAM! Gorgeous
BAM! Gorgeous

The R.C Harris Water Treatment Plant, one of the most beautiful buildings in Toronto.

I love walking along the paths by these buildings, especially on days as beautiful as today . The brilliant architecture and design – so crisp, so minimal – looks unreal next to the bright, blue sky.

Like a painting.
Like a painting.

Every photo you take ends up looking like an Edward Hopper painting, and though it’s a bit of a hike, I really recommend visiting.

It’s a major part of ‘In The Skin of A Lion’, and despite its age and beauty, is still a major part of Toronto’s infrastructure. I would love to take a look inside, and apparently there are occasional tours, but it seems like the best way is through Door’s Open.

Either way, the grounds are definitely worth a visit.

View from the path onto the grounds.
View from the path onto the grounds.

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