Goin’ a-Rambling

As I have said before – I LOVE walking. There’s something about one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, that brings such absolute calm and clarity to my often pretty crazy mind.

When I was visiting my friend at Oxford in November 2012, I had probably the best, most relaxing walking vacation of my life. Jordan was often busy with school and classes (Oxford!) so my day would be spent walking around the countryside.

And if there’s one thing England does better than anywhere else, it’s walks.

Farmland in the Cotswalds
Farmland in Oxfordshire

The best thing about the town where I was staying (Yarnton) was that I had access to a few  of England’s public footpaths. So I walked from Yarnton to Oxford, a distance of about  8km  (5 Miles). I walked along the Thames when it is tiny and full of house boats.

Peace and Quiet in Oxford
Peace and Quiet in Oxford

This was in November, by the way. Not that you can tell from the GORGEOUS sunny blue sky.

My recommendation if you choose to visit the English Countryside? Public Footpaths. The signs  look like this:


A stile! Just like in Austen!
A stile! Just like in Austen!


Romping along allows you to feel like a heroine in an Austen novel. You get peace of mind, exercise, and views like this:


Oxfordshire Countryside
Hot air balloon in the distance over the countryside.

If you’re really good, you might even get to sneak into property that you didn’t know you could get on to. For instance, I walked from Yarnton to Woodstock, and then over to Blenheim Palace. There is a back entrance to get onto the palace grounds, one used by locals and is a) public and b) NOT illegal.

I used it to get onto the grounds, arriving at dusk, and capturing a beautiful sunset as it fell across Blenheim.

Blenheim Palace at sunset
Blenheim Palace at sunset

So walk. Walk as much as you possibly can. Find the footpaths and walk until you feel whole again. With how my work has been going, I have wanted nothing more than to walk to be walking along these paths again.


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