That Time I went to Versailles and it was EMPTY.

Listen, I am not a fan of Versailles.

Is it gorgeous? Yes. Is the architecture and design unreal? Absolutely. Are the textiles and objects d’art incredible, breathtaking and impossible to believe? Oh yes.

But guess who else thinks that.


Empty courtyard at Versailles
A pretty empty day.

I have been to Versailles twice. The picture above was the courtyard when I arrived the first time and it was busy, but not insanely busy. I don’t know what it was about that day, but you could comfortably walk from room to room. Yes, comfortably. I don’t know if you’ve been to Versailles, but there is rarely a place to stop and take everything in.  So many people, so many tours, so little space. The second time was so awful because it was so packed. I nearly had a panic attack!

But this post isn’t about that time. This post is about this time:

Empty gardens at Versailles
Beautiful empty gardens

After I left the palace tour, I walked outside into the pouring rain. And I got to enjoy the entire gardens by myself. I think I maybe saw 7 other people in my 2-3 hour walk through the gardens. It rained off and on, but I honestly didn’t even notice.

I was enjoying the peace and quiet too much.

Gardens of Versailles

I walked the entire periphery of the artificial lake, as well as in the manicured gardens. I saw pheasants & foxes (though they were too quick for photos), but mostly I saw nobody.

And after a week in Paris of seeing what felt like everybody on the planet… that was exactly what I needed.



4 thoughts on “That Time I went to Versailles and it was EMPTY.

    1. Seriously! I got there early (not super early, but early enough) and it was pretty packed the first time. It was the rain that was my biggest ally.

      The second time was, frankly, hellish. But I did find the local path into the parks, so that was awesome!

  1. Versailles they all come to Versailles, so of course is packed for a good reason, they all love it. I am glad that I lived for almost 10 years there, passing by the palace every day, and see those crowds. But if you come early by 8h30 and take a peek at the gardens, or go by porte saint antoine on the back to the trianons first, you will be more able to bear it.
    Great post thus, and glad you have been back twice. Now i go often as still have the castle fever…cheers

    1. Wow! What was it like living there? It must have been insane.

      When I went the most recent time, I went into the gardens through a back entrance, but I don’t know what porte it was.

      Next time I go I’ll try to get to the Trianon, as I still haven’t seen them.


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