I confess a terrible secret. I take pictures of cats. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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Paris in the fall

The weather has been a bit schizophrenic the last few days – warm then cold then rainy then sunny then cloudy then windy. It’s been an interesting week for men and how men speak to me: a tied balance between going out with a guy and getting into an argument about gay marriage, and then […]

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The Paris Party Pagoda

Did you know Paris has a Pagoda? I did not. Not until I accidentally stumbled across it this afternoon on my walk. This extravagant anomaly appears seemingly out of nowhere – it peeks around the cornerĀ as you walk down Rue Barbet de Jouy, its extravagant garden spilling onto Rue de Babylone. A wild garden that […]

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Blue & Gold & Blue & Gold

Despite what was supposedly the most dismal, grey, rainy summer, this autumnĀ has been incredible – blue skies, sunny, sweet. As I am currently unemployed, my days have mostly been spent walking around and enjoying this beautiful weather. The light catches the gorgeous stone of the buildings and casts it in a bright gold colour which […]

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