Big Life Changes

I disappeared for a while. Turns out blogging is a lot more effort than I was wiling to give!

Now, let’s see what has changed in the last while:

  • I got a minor hair cut
  • I went to JAPAN! (more on that later)


Now, as a note, these did not all occur in a heartbeat. I made up my mind to move when I got back from Japan, and then I booked my ticket a week or two later. And then I saved. And saved. And SAVED my money. And now I’m living with my parents, my bag is packed and I am doing my goodbyes.

Essentially I got to a point where I couldn’t keep telling myself I was going to do something later. If I kept waiting until I was ready I would never do it – so I booked my ticket and told myself I better be ready to go.

Want to know a secret?

Super not ready. Not even a little. Freaking out a bit.

But that’s okay? We’ll see what happens, I suppose.

Now this is going to be where I pathetically attempt to make sense of the mess I’ve made of everything, and hopefully not fall into the tired and rehashed tropes that always occur when a North American moves to Paris.

So what can you (hopefully) expect?

Lots of neurotic worrying!

Way too many pictures of food!

And, because I have no friends in France, long and incredibly dull stories of my day-to-day life.

If all else fails, I’ll just burn all my belongings and run somewhere else, even further away!

Questions? Comments? Any kind of Naysaying and Worrying that my mother possibly hasn’t said yet? I’m at your disposal.


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