The Paris Party Pagoda

Did you know Paris has a Pagoda?

I did not. Not until I accidentally stumbled across it this afternoon on my walk. This extravagant anomaly appears seemingly out of nowhere – it peeks around the corner as you walk down Rue Barbet de Jouy, its extravagant garden spilling onto Rue de Babylone.

A wild garden that extends out onto a quiet, staid, Haussmannian block – all within a few blocks of Invalides. It’s impossible to see the gardens and NOT go explore.

La Pagode Paris

The Pagoda was built in 1896 as a gift from Monsieur Morin (owner of Le Bon Marché) to his wife. Then, scandal of scandals, Mme Morin left her husband for his business partner, Monsieur Plassard. La Pagoda remained open as a party pagoda until 1927 when it closed.

La Pagode Paris

It opened again in 1934 to the public, and went though many transitions before almost closing in the 70s. It was saved, thankfully, and is now a cinema! I only took some shoddy pictures this afternoon as I was with a friend and didn’t want to delay him too long, but I will go back soon to watch a movie and take some better pictures. I may even get some pictures of the inside “Japan Room”

But hey! Paris Party Pagoda. That is a damned fine alliteration.

La Pagode Paris


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