Paris in the fall

The weather has been a bit schizophrenic the last few days – warm then cold then rainy then sunny then cloudy then windy.

It’s been an interesting week for men and how men speak to me: a tied balance between going out with a guy and getting into an argument about gay marriage, and then also getting followed home by some other guy and screaming at him on the street. The look of terror in his eyes has helped me sleep well the last few nights.

I’ve actually walked around a bit, but not as much as I could. I’ve been taking pictures of almost anything, in a rather annoying and sluttish way: shouldn’t I be carefully framing every shot? Aren’t there specific themes and oeuvres that I should be searching for?


But meh.

Here are some photos from around the city in the last week.

Les Invalide

Optometrist Sign La Brigitte Sign Persephone Statue in Paris Window shade in Paris Clouds in the 5eme Notre Dame in the Fall Painted Sky over buildings Garden Detail Man with little dog


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