I’m the worst. I’m sorry. That’s a terrible pun.

Halloween isn’t really a “thing” in Paris. I think I maybe saw three places with decorations, and they were all tourist bars. I also saw one kid who was running around the Carrefour in a Batman costume: cowl, cape and – for some reason – vampire teeth. I was surprised to see anyone in a costume, as the only costumes I had seen for sale were sad little plastic ones that hung off the end of the grocery aisles.

Then, of course, he opened his mouth to speak to his mum and I realized it was an American family.

Ohhhhhh duh.

Though at one point this little french kid saw the american kid running around in his costume, then immediately went and grabbed a costume from the aisle and asked his mum for it. So maybe they weren’t a real american family and actually a (barely) clever marketing stunt to lure french children into the satanic, sugar-fuelled ritual known as ‘Halloween’.  If they were a marketing family, I have to say the attention to detail was fantastic: that actress playing the mum genuinely seems so exhausted and frazzled that each time she looked at her child I could almost hear her going “Condoms. Fucking Condoms”

I’ve got to say it. I can’t keep the secret in any longer. I don’t really care about Halloween. I haven’t cared about it in a few years now. I know – SHOCKING. So many of my friends are ‘Halloween People’. Capitalized. Engraved on their hearts. And I enjoy going to Halloween parties, and costumes and candy, but it really is not my number one holiday. Okay Halloween friends, feel free to banish me.

But, as it’s Halloween, I’ll let it have its ONE day in the spotlight. Just for today.

So how does one spend Halloween in Paris, if one is not interested in crazy ex-pat parties or grocery store costumes?

Wandering around cemeteries, natch.

I spent most of today walking around the Montmartre Cemetery – hanging with cats, taking lots of pictures, eating a baguette hunched over a grave like an animal because I forgot to eat lunch – the usual sort of Spooky Amusement.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Another kitty I photographed at the cemetery.
A black cat in the Montmartre Cemetery. Seemed appropriate.

Montmartre Cemetery Evil Black Cat Montmartre Cemetery Tombstone Montmartre Tomb Stone Montmartre

Between the tombs in Montmartre Cemetery
Between the tombs in Montmartre Cemetery

Montmartre Cemetery Montmartre Cemetery


Montmartre Cemetery Cat - Spooky Black Cat on Halloween. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.


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