A day in Montmartre

I’ve been holed up in my new apartment for the last few days with a nasty head cold. Why is it that as soon as the weather changes my entire body decides to do a quick turn from healthy, happy human to snotty mucus monster. Gross.

And boy has the weather changed. October was all sunshine and blue skies – I was walking around in just a sweater for a large portion of it. When I had to move into my new apartment in Montparnasse I was sweating buckets and felt really sorry for anybody who was near me on the metro.

The day before my move (Halloween) the weather was gorgeous. I spent it wandering around Montmartre, especially the Montmartre cemetery. Not being a literal ghoul I did actually walk around and take pictures of other parts of Montmartre – I even braved the dreaded crowds that surround Sacré-Coeur.

The residential sides of Montmartre definitely feel like it could still be a village – the lack of Haussmannian buildings definitely contributes to it. It was a lovely and quiet walk. I was especially impressed by the beautiful Ivy covered buildings, and the rainbow of colours as the seasons changed. I also bought and DEVOURED the best baguette I’ve eaten since I arrived, purchased at Gontran Cherrier. If you’re around Montmartre I seriously recommend their Baguette Tradition.

Tiny Houses in Paris

Vine covered house in Montmartre La Maison Rose Window with Vines Street in Montmartre Montmartre Window

True romance.
True romance.

Street in Montmartre Balcony in Montmartre House in Montmartre

Tiny Paris

For now I’ve got to try and get over this cold. Anybody have some tried and true cold cures? I feel like my head may just explode.


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