My New Neighbourhood – the 6eme

I moved into my new apartment last weekend and other than surviving my cold I have spent the time working and exploring the neighbourhood a bit. The apartment I moved into is right on the border of the 6th and the 15th arrondissement on the Boulevard du Montparnasse. It’s all the way on the top floor in a tiny little garret. It’s definitely bigger than other apartments I’ve seen, but not by much.

Inside my Paris Apar

But it has everything I could need! What you don’t see is the sink in the corner and the ladder up to the loft. My bed is directly under the roof, and when it’s rainy and stormy I feel like I’m below decks on a ship with a storm raging outside – very cosy. It’s also really bright with one large window looking out to a courtyard and across the rooftops of Paris, as well as a skylight.

View from my Window in Paris
The view out the window.

I haven’t gotten to know my neighbourhood too well yet – still spending most of my time inside lazing around like a slob –  but I’ve started exploring a tiny bit. I went to the market for the first time today which was overwhelming and beautiful, but I survived and bought my groceries for about 1/4 the price as from the supermarket around the corner.  I’m almost cautious to explore too much, as I’ll be moving to another neighbourhood again in a month and I don’t want to get too attached.

Raspail Rue de Vaugirard Pigeon on Flowerpot

I went back to La Pagode to see Interstellar  with a friend. The theatre is GORGEOUS though difficult to photograph. It is also the opposite sort of theatre that one should see Interstellar in, as it’s suited more for art films and parties from the 20s, but I loved every minute of it. I also really recommend Interstellar and will probably go see it again.

Exterior of La Pagode Inside La Pagode

Afterwards I walked home past Invalides and got to enjoy the city at dusk, the best time of day.

Eiffel Tower Invalides at Dusk Paris at Dusk


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