One Month In Paris

I can’t believe I’ve lived here for a month now. It doesn’t feel¬†like it. It feels like I’ve been here for a week or two max. That could have something to do with the transient nature of my life here right now – I’ve moved once already and am going to be moving again in a week.

It feels surreal that this is my life now. Today I walked from my apartment to the bookstore I like –¬†Berkeley Books of Paris. It was a beautiful bright day, and smelled delicious with the mix of leaves and roasting chestnuts.

It was very satisfying to walk all the way over without having to check a map once, I even took a route I’ve never taken before. But the city is starting to feel a lot more familiar now, though still not like “home”. I feel like that will probably take a couple years at least.

Until then I don’t mind being an outsider a bit – I feel like it lets me see some things that don’t always get seen. Half way between a tourist and a local – I’m not jaded and bored with the city I live in, but I have the luxury of time to find the little details that a tourist lacks.

Face in Gardens Statue Face in Hands
Girl Taking Photo Montmartre Love in montmartre Secret door with vines IMG_0778 IMG_0781

This book reads "Forgetting me will be my true death." The grave was completely abandoned.
This book reads “Forgetting me will be my true death.” The grave was completely abandoned.
The "Petition" girls
The “Petition” girls

IMG_0810 La Brigitte Sign 1950s Movie set
Tree 1 Man with little dog Couple Kissing IMG_0634 IMG_0621


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