Some Casual Humiliation at Monoprix

An idea of the kind of day today has been:

Go to pay for groceries at Monoprix, realize I have no cash on me. Decide to use my Ticket-resto, except that my bill is too smallĀ and they don’t give change. Run to buy a bottle of wine (of course) and while doing so my purse and grocery bag slide off the counter and dump their contents on the floor.

Contents of Purse:

  • Every piece of spare change in Europe, apparently
  • Also every piece of spare change in Canada
  • Diary of a Provincial Lady (excellent, btw)
  • So many bobby pins. How do I even own that many bobby pins, and why am I keeping them in my purse

Contents of grocery bag:

  • 4 different kinds of cheese

Shamefacedly collect my belongings, trying to ignore the very surly line-up behind me. Now bill is too much and need to fish through mountains of change to pay remainder.

Nail in the coffin was someone in line hissing “Les Americains!” while I was leaving.

Final blow was someone muttering somewhere in line “Les Americains!”


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